a research and performance project by Yvon Chabrowski in the frame of


Trienal Frestas, Sorocaba, São Paulo, Brazil

with the participants Thiago Cesare, Kelly Mariel Mota, Gabi Mello, Anderson Nascimento and the translator / production manager Melina Valente

On the first workshop day we reseach images of community. We followed the two questions:
What is community for your country?
What is community for you?

O que é comunidade para o seu país?
O que é comunidade para você?

The participants started to reenact fragments of images with their own bodies. The reenactment of the images by the participants were the starting point of a process that involves a dynamic condition where each one of them are interconnected with the others and thus, respond and activates the movement. We developed the idea to create a stand image / tableau vivant that turns into a moving image. When a person moved, his or her movement should continue in the body of others.

On the second workshop day we looked on some images the monument MONUMENTO ÁS BANDEIRAS of São Paulo, in front of an entrance to the park Ibirapuera. In its reception questions of identity, nationality and repression arise. In a group of four we readjusting a fragment of four figures of the monument with the bodies. A fragment of the monument was chosen, where four figures were interwoven in such a way that one movement of one figure caused the movement of the other. In a first approach we carried out the movement that the monument dictates - forward. In a second approach, we transformed the movements – into a falling sculpture and into free self-organized movement.

On the third workshop day we made a we made a brief discourse in the history of the depictions of democracy and idea that have existed since Aristotle. From there, a conversation began on the possibilities of democratic concepts and the impossibilities experienced in one's own state. The participants tried to develop images for and democracy.