"Yvon Chabrowski is a visual artist working in different media, ranging from photography and performance to the moving image as a form of sculpture. She analyses the visual formulas of different media and reveals their mechanisms and manipulation strategies by stripping away their contextual setting. One of her early series of works deals with the territorial claims and dynamics operating in groups of people and their media representation. Yvon Chabrowski says of her own way of working: “I’m interested in the images that we all carry with us in our collective memory. I’m working with highly iconographic pictures—pictures that are looked at as though what one sees were already completely clear. It’s all of the pictures that are already part of our visual memory and inscribed in our bodies.”

with Text by Marc Ries, Elisabeth Fritz, Inke Arns, Daniel Niggemann, Lee Chichester, Robert Sakrowski 

Design by Pascal Storz & Fabian Bremer published by Spector Books 

link to VIDEO AS SCULPTURE – here!